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What we count on when working with a consulting group is integrity, and a willingness to take our idea’s, perfect them and implement them in a timely fashion. BI Consulting does that for us. We highly recommend them!

Ken Dawson / Federal IT Publications
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  Our Process
Development Process consists of four points of intersection [stages]: Requirements Collection, Design, Implementation, Testing and Deployment. We follow best software Engineering methodologies and that is why we have 100% project success rate.

1.Requirements Collection
4.Testing and Deployment

1.Requirements Collection

We prefer to collect all the information regarding the project, your
requirements, details of interfaces. This will help us understand the
scope of the project and we can decide which functionality is important and
prioritize the implementation. Normally, this interaction is in person, but we
will provide you with detailed questionnaire and ensure of email contact
We will freeze the requirements collection after you have approved of
the scope. We will present you with full documentation in this regard. We
would require you to send us the data u have.


A good design helps in developing a stable application and
ensures well organized features. We would submit all required design documents
to you. this would be split up as database design and site design.


Once the design has been finalized, we can proceed with the

4.Testing and Deployment

We test our applications thoroughly and ensure of a totally bug free


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